Councilor Albert Smit of the municipality of Geertruidenberg has been guilty of an unauthorized conflict of interest in the tendering of student transport. Smit works at Taxi Berm, which has been executing part of this transport in the municipality for a long time.

The student transport is on 15 February 28 awarded to Dutax Reizen from Hooge Zwalue and Taxicentrale Witteveen from Lemmer . Mayor Marian Witte has had Capro Advocaten investigate Smit’s actions with regard to the tender for this transport, reports BN De Stem . The reason was a signal of ‘non-integrity’ behaviour. Smit is currently a one-man faction in the city council. He is the list leader of the new IC Party.

The investigation has shown that Smit acted in the interests of his employer, by looking for information at the prompting of his employer. about the tender. He is said to have put questions about the tender to two aldermen. The investigation report states that he did this without making it absolutely clear in what role he acted and what private interest he had in doing so.

Conscious choice to personally to damage According to the investigation, his actions would have violated a number of core values ​​for a councilor, such as reliability and independence. The fact that Smit was not transparent about the role in which he acted is decisive for the judgment that there was an unauthorized conflict of interest. The investigative report emphasizes that a councilor must act solely with a view to the public interest. A large majority of the city council is giving up confidence in Smit, as was expressed through a motion.

Smit himself called the qualification of unreliable Monday evening during an inserted council meeting ‘extremely inappropriate and one-sided’. He indicated that he has a lot of trouble with it being rigged in this way, and at the moment. He believes that bringing this out during the elections is a conscious choice to damage him personally. The councilor himself declares that he has never been out to influence.

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