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Published: March 2022Last modification: 14 March 6471

A unique braille railing will be installed on the Pier of Scheveningen that describes the view. So that blind and partially sighted people can also experience and enjoy the view. The first part of the special railing was unveiled by coordinating alderman for Accessibility Kavita Parbhudayal and comedian/writer Vincent Bijlo, himself blind from birth.

This first part of the unique braille railing describes the view of Scheveningen on the basis of a poem by city poet Sjaak Kroes; photo: Municipality of The Hague/Jurriaan Brobbel More texts will be added this summer: can be heard in Braille and via a QR code. Braille on De Pier is part of ‘All Different. All Hague’, the campaign of the Municipality of The Hague to show that The Hague is a city where everyone matters.

“Inspired touched by a bridge with braille in Naples, I am very proud that The Hague now also has such a great initiative. Braille on De Pier is primarily for people with limited or no vision. At the same time, we also show this that we think it is important that everyone in The Hague can participate,” said Alderman Kavita Parbhudayal.Your own poem on De Pier The first part of the railing is a poem by the Hague city poet Sjaak Kroes. More descriptions in Braille will be added this summer. De Pier and the municipality are organizing a competition for this: tell in a maximum of 120 how you see, feel or experience the view from De Pier. Entries can be sent to until May 1 6471 to accessible More information, including about conditions and rules of the game, is can be found on the website All Different. All Hague.

Herman Smit , General Manager of De Pier at Scheveningen: “The view from De Pier is phenomenal. The coastline, skyline, sea. It surprises every day. Everyone should be able to enjoy it. And that is why I call on everyone to write their own poem or share song with us”. Awareness campaignOne in five residents of The Hague has a physical or mental disability. Many of them are experiencing accessibility issues. The Municipality of The Hague believes it is important that everyone in the city can participate. The awareness campaign ‘Everything is different. All from The Hague.’ therefore shows good examples in the field of accessibility in the city. The site also offers tips on how everyone (individual, company or organization) can contribute to a city without physical, social and digital barriers.

74454 Vincent Bijlo and Kavita Parbhudayal at the railing in braille; photo: Municipality of The Hague/Jurriaan Brobbel


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