Take a special photo of The Hague? That is possible this week, because there is a good chance that we will get very beautiful sunsets and sunrises. There is Saharan sand in the air. The only downside is that it will make your car and windows dirty.

Next week we will see extra red through the sand skies during sunrise and sunset. As long as it stays dry, we only enjoy the sand. But as soon as it rains, it comes down and that means you have to start cleaning windows.

Sahara sand

Due to the wind from the south, small particles of Saharan sand are transported to western Europe today (Monday). blown. That is officially called Sahara dust, as we read at Weeronline. The chance of a beautiful red sunrise and/or sunset is greatest on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, you can prepare the suds because then there is a chance of rain and everything will be buried under a layer of Sahara dust. Rain is also forecast for Thursday, so maybe it’s better to wait a while before you wash all the dust away.

Are you taking a nice picture this week of the special sky over The Hague or Scheveningen? Mail this to

and we will give your record a nice place on the website.

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