When this friendly big giant was brought to the shelter as a vagrant in August, they thought he would be picked up soon. Unfortunately, this thought turned out to be only wishful thinking and no one reported for this handsome, 44 pounds, man. Soon he was given the name ‘Sherlock’. Hopefully we will soon find a loving and suitable home for him.

Finally the search for a new owner can begin. We rightly type ‘finally’ because due to some medical setbacks, the start of this search has been considerably delayed. His caretakers thought they could immediately start looking for a new owner at the end of August last year (after his castration), but that turned out differently.


For example, his sleepover at the shelter was extended because he got a lot of itching and several inflamed open wounds . These complaints were probably caused by food intolerance. Meanwhile, he ate a tennis ball which he then had to vomit. He also had surgery because he was so sick all at once and we thought he was constipated. Eventually he turns out to have an adhesion in his intestines. His easily digestible diet now ensures that he does not suffer much from this.

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Meanwhile so he is on special food and he no longer has itching complaints. Care is taken to ensure that he only eats his diet food instead of tennis balls and our big friendly giant is more than ready to look for a place of his own!

Since his caretakers know nothing about his past, so they don’t know if he ever learned to stay home alone. They also don’t know if he was toilet trained, but at least he keeps his kennel very clean. He reacts differently to other dogs. If he doesn’t like a dog that much, his owner must stand firm in his or her shoes.


Do you have enough space in the house and heart for our big, sweet six-year-old detective year? Do you promise to track him down if he ever runs away (unlike his previous owner)? Do you really like nice walks, games and regular brushings? And is Sherlocks diet food not a problem for your wallet? Then don’t wait any longer and contact his caretakers!

Send an email with your details such as: family situation, any other pets and approximately how long the dog should be home alone. The email can be sent to:

Stichting Haags Dierencentrum

Lozerlaan 595, 622 MC The Hague

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