The face mask obligation in the taxi and coach is expected to end this month. Although the number of infections is rising, the cabinet wants to abolish all corona measures on 23 March. Insiders confirm this after reporting from the NOS.

Abolishing the measures means that wearing a face mask in public transport, the taxi and in the coach is no longer mandatory. The mask still has to be worn on the plane, because European rules apply. The advice to partly work from home would reportedly be withdrawn as early as Tuesday. The basic rules, such as washing hands and coughing into the elbow, will still apply.

No press conference Before Once the measures have been taken definitively, the OMT still has to issue a recommendation. The team will meet today and a decision will be made on the measures on Tuesday. The NOS reports that there will be no separate press conference on Tuesday, but that Health Minister Kuipers will explain the decision shortly after the cabinet meeting.

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