The police in Amsterdam and enforcers of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) last weekend 16 taxis ticketed. It was a special enforcement action because of the large number of taxis involved in traffic accidents.

Because the police is campaigning for a better collective labor agreement, fines were only given in the event of excesses , reports AT5. Five fines were handed out for technical defects, two for driving without insurance, ten for violating the Passenger Transport Act, two for drink-driving and eleven for manipulation of the on-board computer.

The other 59 fines were issued for the traffic behavior of drivers. Two of them are signed up for an EMG course. This is a mandatory course for drivers caught in dangerous driving. The costs of this are about 1.300 euros. Finally, two more exemptions for driving on the bus lane have been taken.

Fairer and safer taxi market Because according to the police the Amsterdam taxi market leads the way in terms of involvement in accidents, this action was carried out there. More such actions will follow. The Amsterdam police force writes on the internet that they hope that this will make the taxi market fairer for drivers who do adhere to the rules, and safer for everyone.

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