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Published: March 9 2022Last change: 10 March 2022

Residents of The Hague on social assistance benefit can from 1 June 2022 live together on a probationary basis for a maximum of six months, without this having direct consequences for their benefit. “The scheme fits in with the municipality’s continuous search for solutions in which the human dimension and customization are central. In addition, it makes a positive contribution to the well-being of those involved and thus also opportunities to participate in participation and/or reintegration processes,” says Alderman Arjen Kapteijns (Social Affairs and Work). The Hague opts for a structural arrangement and not for a pilot that offers no guarantee of continuity.

People on social assistance who are going to live with someone with an income or savings, still lose their social assistance benefit. They therefore do not dare to live together, for fear of what that will do to their financial situation. With this scheme, the municipality allows these people to try out whether they work together, without this having direct consequences for their benefits. If cohabitation is successful, the positive side effect is that it can also make a positive contribution to reducing the pressure on the housing market, says Alderman Arjen Kapteijns.Inhabitants Until now, people with a benefit could not start living together without this meaning that they received a lower benefit or were withdrawn. This immediately made someone financially dependent on the new partner. The municipality therefore wants to allow a trial period of three months. This period can be extended once by another three months. Residents of The Hague on social assistance benefit can use this period to get used to living together, but also to arrange a number of matters, such as terminating (rental) contracts, transferring BRP, arranging school for children, etc. The social assistance benefit will not be reduced during this period. After the period of three months, and possible extension to six months, the benefit will be adjusted to the actual living and living situation.

Report cohabitation Residents of The Hague who want to make use of this must indicate that they are going to live together. If they want to make use of the scheme again at a later date, an interim period of nine months will be applied.

The college also wants to make it possible for people with social assistance benefits, who have started living together, but have not yet reported this, until January 1 2024. are given a maximum period of three months to do so without this leading to a chargeback or a fine.

With the possibility of cohabitation on a trial basis, the council is striving for a simple and unregulated solution. With this regulation, the Municipal Executive is in line with the wishes and various questions of the Municipal Council to broaden the Participation Act and the motion adopted by the Council to ‘speed up the abolition of the cost-sharing standard’. †


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