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Published: March 2022Last modification: 11 March 2022

Construction of a harbor along the Prinsessegracht, on the corner with Bezuidenhoutseweg, will start in April. The location will then become a mooring and boarding point for small boats (rowing boats, sloops and canoes). The work will take approximately six months and will be completed in October 2022.

The Gerrie de Kraai artwork has already been moved a few meters in preparation for the work. On Thursday, alderman for Buitenruimte Hilbert Bredemeijer explained the plans on location and he also launched a competition for a nice name for this port, where everyone can send a submission to A jury will judge the names.

Alderman Hilbert Bredemeijer (Buitenruimte): “I expect creative names from the people in The Hague. Names that fit the green area of ​​the Koekamp or names that fit the international city of Peace & Justice. Nearby there is already Reagan and Gorbachev Avenue. I myself was already thinking of the Ad Havermans harbour, after the recently deceased former mayor of The Hague. Bring on those submissions!”An information point is also being set up at the harbour. After the construction of the port, the municipality of The Hague wants to change the transformer house (transformer house) that is already there into an information point. The municipality is in talks with Stedin to install the transformer from the house. This frees up the house for the information point. These activities will start after the construction of the port. The goal is to have the entire project ready by the spring of 2022.

The harbor is part of the Koekamp landscape park, which is currently being renovated and made greener. The refurbishment work in the Koekamp is in full swing and is expected to be completed in March. The result will soon be a nice, new, green place in the center to be and recreate for all residents of The Hague, users and visitors to the city.

Alderman Bredemeijer (Buitenruimte) and Chris Schram (Willemsvaart) are happy with the plans. Photo: Valerie Kuypers. Impression of the port. More information44135Port and information point at the Prinsessegracht


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