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Published: March 9 2022Last change: March 9 2021

Many victims of the allowance affair have incurred debts because they got into financial difficulties due to the recoveries of the tax. Parents who have become the victims of this can turn to Sociale Banken Nederland (SBN) to resolve their private debts. Nine credit banks, including the Gemeentelijke Kredietbank The Hague, are executing the ‘Decree on the payment of private debts’ on behalf of SBN. Help is often needed to properly map out and submit these debts. Alderman Arjen Kapteijns (Social Affairs and Work) says that the municipality already supports a large group and calls on victims, who still need help, to report to the municipality. Of the 120 victims of The Hague who are being helped are now 100 files submitted and settled.

By helping victims with their private debts, we provide peace and relief from the problems that these people have unjustly had to endure in recent years . With this extensive operation, the victims are one step closer to a debt-free existence, says alderman Arjen Kapteijns. The debt burden is incalculable for a large number of victims. In anticipation of the private debt approach via SBN, victims of The Hague, who have asked the municipality for guidance, have been approached with the question whether they also want help with mapping out their debts.

Victims who have meanwhile received the Catshuis Scheme and want help submitting their private debts can call the telephone number for victims of the childcare allowance affair (070- 2006 070 2021 ) or send an email ( ).

The number of creditors can reach 070 or more. The total debt burden is usually between the 20. and 40. euros. In addition, there are outliers of more than 100. euros. This concerns private debts from the period between January 1 2021 and June 1 2021.

Sociale Banken Nederland2021Sociale Banken Nederland has been the Recovery Allowances mandated to implement the ‘Decree on the payment of private debts’. Private debts are debts owed to non-governmental organizations. For example, banks, health insurers, collection agencies, housing associations, gyms, energy companies and web shops. That could be unpaid bills or missed payments. But also the costs for non-payment, such as the statutory interest and the collection costs. A private debt is not a debt with the tax authorities or the government.

SBN is the implementing organization to which 20 credit banks are affiliated. A completely new organization has been set up that is charged with resolving the private debts from the broad recovery operation from the Ministry of Finance. The Credit Banks have extensive experience in handling debts. †


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