Have you ever been there? The dune path from Scheveningen to Hoek van Holland is really beautiful. You can (racing) cycling, running, horseback riding, walking, skating: whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t leave any exhaust fumes. As a cycling fanatic, Marit Berghout likes to take a trip on the racing bike. Of course she always takes her camera with her. †

The dune path starts at the intersection of Zeezwaluwstraat and Cort van der Lindenpad. Here you immediately start with a path up, but then you are also right in the dunes:

Cycle path through the dunes. Photo Marit Berghout

Beach entrances

Soon you will pass beach exit 10, where you can find my favorite beach tent Strandpaviljoen South finds (in my previous article I already mentioned that you can have a delicious breakfast here ). If you go by road bike, you really have to watch out for crossing pedestrians at the beach entrances, because they usually don’t expect you. There is also often a lot of sand on the road, so be careful! You continue your route towards the beach exit 10 (not that you have to keep an eye on the signs, just keep following the road, really easy) on the path where you look out over the sea. Enjoy, right?

Cycle path through the dunes. Photo Marit Berghout

Scottish Highlanders

A long climb further you reach a more wooded area. And the nice thing about this is that you can encounter Scottish highlanders. They are generally quite calm and often walk in a group, but let’s be honest: I took a very big turn around them. Still quite a bit exciting such a big beast 😉

Cycle path through the dunes. Photo Marit Berghout


You then cycle through the dune path towards Kijkduin. The path is hilly and sometimes you really have to climb, and then enjoy a nice descent again. But what a beautiful nature you encounter along the way! An occasional view of the sea, but especially many beautiful dunes around you over the winding paths that you take.

Cycle path through the dunes. Photo Marit Berghout


When you have reached Kijkduin, you will cycle a bit through the civilized world. Along the boulevard and the bus stop you take the bend down: and then you turn right again into a new dune path. The nice thing about this is that the asphalt is still very slippery, which is especially nice on your skates or bicycle. Here follows a long, but beautiful path through the dunes. You really just don’t want to stop here to take a picture (that’s why it’s also missing from this photo series), because all you want is to see what the view is after the next bend. Here you really feel alone in the world… so enjoy!

On the way you will come across many beach entrances (which can only be reached by foot or bicycle). So if you want to make a stopover for a drink or ice cream, you have plenty of options. At the end of this path you will arrive at the Schelpenpad in Ter Heijde. Here you take the slope down and halfway through you turn right again into a new dune path, where you encounter these kinds of views:

Bike path through the dunes. Photo Marit Berghout


The nice thing about this route is that you encounter many different types of nature. A fine new asphalt path runs right through these open fields at Ter Heijde and Monster, so that you are really immersed in nature. There is no separate path for pedestrians here, so you have to be careful when cornering.

Cycle path through the dunes. Photo Marit Berghout

Fresh fruit

You are now in the middle of the Westland and that means you you can’t miss the different greenhouses. The nice thing is that you will often come across roadside stalls here, from fresh cherries to pumpkins. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to try them yet, because I don’t have room for souvenirs on the racing bike. But it always looks delicious.

At the other side of the road you can see the green dunes. And here, near ‘s Gravenzande, you will find some loose lakes between the dunes. I don’t know why, but I always feel happy when I see water and that’s why I think this is a nice and relaxing place to cycle along.

Cycle path through the dunes. Photo Marit Berghout

Hoek van Holland

The last part of ‘s Gravenzande to Hoek van Holland is, quite honestly, the least beautiful part of the route. You see more industry, the path is somewhat outdated and nature is not at its best here. But that doesn’t matter, because before you know it you will reach Hoek van Holland and you can enjoy a delicious drink at one of the many beach bars. And then this is your view:

Cycle path through the dunes. Photo Marit Berghout


Would you rather cycle or walk? These are the distances and the times you average over it (don’t forget that you also have to go back J):

    4 km: Scheveningen > Kijkduin: cycling 10 minutes / walk 11 minutes
  • 8.5 km : Scheveningen > Ter Heijde (shell path): cycling 30 minutes / walking 1.5 hours

    15 km: Scheveningen > Hoek van Holland: cycling 1 hour / walking 3 hours and 11 minutes

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