This beautiful kitten of more than two years old was found on the street and she finds it all exciting in the shelter of the Hague Animal Center. She prefers to hide behind a rug or the box. Now she is looking for a new owner.

It has took a while, but now Million Reasons (because that’s her name) carefully puts her head around the rug to see where her food is. When she is eating, you can gently stroke her, but she should not have so much of it yet. She likes to eat chunks out of your hand.


Million Reasons is interested in the others cats in the room, but doesn’t dare get out of her cubicle to get acquainted.

Who has the patience and the peace of mind to get Million Reasons grunting? Who will provide this scared kitty with a safe and loving forever home?

Are you interested in adopting Million Reasons? Mail to

Because the shelter wants to make the best possible match, it would be nice if you would already answer the questions below and send them in the mail.

  • How many members does your family consist of?
  • Do you have children? If so, what age are they?
  • Have you had cats before ?
  • How long is the cat home alone? Will that change when the measures due to the coronavirus are over?
  • Do you have/have other pets? If so, please provide more information about their characters/age (e.g. are they used to living with a cat)
  • Do you have an outdoor area where the cat can come? Balcony/garden

  • What kind of cat are you looking for? Age, character….
  • Do you mind if the cat diet food?
  • Don’t forget to mention your phone number.
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