The beach tents at Kijkduin and Scheveningen are opening their doors and terraces again. That also means that the battle for the title ‘Beachbabe or -hunk of the year’ is on! Will you be working on the beach in The Hague next summer? Then sign up!

We believe that the ladies and gentlemen who serve the beach deserve to receive extra attention and that is why we have the election of Beachbabe or beach hunk of The Hague every year.


Anyone who works on the beach, young or old, can participate. Register yourself by filling in the form at the bottom of this article. Don’t forget to send a nice photo!

There will then be an interview with you in the neighborhood of The Hague. After all participants have been introduced to the readers, it is time to vote. At the end of the beach season, the winner will be surprised. You not only get the title, but also a beautiful cup that can shine above the bar for years to come.

Previous winners

Last year Merel (only 16 year!) beach babe of the year. In 2019 went Alex from beach restaurant Werelds took off with the title, the year before hunk Robbie Hilbrink van de Waterreus ran off with the goblet and into 2018 was Finn van Beach Pavilion De Staat the hunk with the most votes. Who oh who will it be this year?

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