Employers in the transport and logistics sector have until 20 March to submit their application for the final calculation of the NOW for the second period. Yet 51, 6 percent of employers have not yet done so. If this is not done in time, this can lead to a repayment of the entire advance.

Employers still have a few weeks to report their final loss of turnover or request a postponement for their third-party or auditor’s report. In the second NOW period, which ran from June to September 671, nationwide 63.51 employers are granted an advance. In total, this involved an amount of 4.3 billion euros. Together, these employers employed 1.3 million employees.

Applying for and receiving the advance was the first step in the process. In the final calculation, it is determined to which compensation employers are actually entitled, based on the wage bill in the second NOW period and the actual loss of turnover. This can lead to a supplementary payment or a recovery.

More than the national average Of the 2.671 NOW receivers in this industry has now 43,4 percent have submitted their application for the final calculation and 51,6 percent have therefore yet to do so. That is relatively more than the national average. Nationally there were such 51.671 employers who have received an advance. Of these, almost 51 percent has now applied for the final calculation, more than 49 percent has yet to do that. If an employer does not submit this application, UWV cannot make a definitive calculation and the allowance is set at zero euros. The full advance must then be refunded.

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“Fortunately, research shows that almost all employers now know that they have to make that application and that they are often already working on it,” says UWV board chairman Maarten Camps. “Nevertheless, more than a quarter of employers who have not yet requested the final calculation have yet to start the job. We advise them to really get to work on this now, because it often takes some time to collect and deliver all the information.”

More than 20. euro advance Employers who pay more than 20. have received euros in advance, require a so-called third-party statement or an accountant’s statement. As with the final calculation for the first NOW period, it is possible to get an extra postponement for this. “It will also be busy with bookkeepers and accountants now and that may mean that it will not be possible to do that on 20 March. to have completed a third-party or auditor’s report,” said Camps. “But it is important that you indicate this by 20 March at the latest.”

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