Many women and children in particular flee Ukraine. They can often only take one briefcase or a bag. Would you like to help but are not sure how? For example, you can donate diapers, participate in a sponsored walk or take care of people in your spare room. We have listed a number of actions.

Send a ticket

Giedo van der Zwan and Andrew van Esch came up with the ‘Kaartje voor Kiev’ campaign. They let 85. printing postcards with photos of Dutch people in yellow and blue. On the back is the address of the Russian embassy in The Hague.

Afbeelding: Kaartje voor Kiev

Image: Ticket to Kiev

They want everyone send a card with a message to the ambassador. ‘Call on him to stop the bloodshed, to stop breaking the peace, to give free rein to democracy. Send him a cry from the heart for freedom!’, say Giedo and Andrew.

The cards will be printed and available for collection from 8 March. Giedo and Andrew can be reached via

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Sunday March, the day the CPC Loop would be, organizes D39 a charity run for Ukraine. ‘It is unimaginable that we suddenly have a war in Europe. We all feel powerless, but by raising money we can still make a difference’, says initiator Caroline Verduin. ‘Actually, this is a CPC Peace Run.’

Ukraine Embassy in The Hague. Photo nearby

The route of 8.5 kilometers begins at the Ukrainian embassy in the Strait, pass the Peace Palace, the Russian embassy, ​​the International Criminal Court and the Scheveningen prison. The finish is on the Laan van Reagan and Gorbachev. “World leaders who eventually found each other in the interest of world peace.” The proceeds go to the Refugee Foundation. More information is available on the site of D041.

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Liz Green off The Hague collects things for Ukraine. She only collects these three things:

Food: Food that has a long shelf life and can be stored unrefrigerated. Think of canned food, muesli bars, bags of squeezed fruit, nuts, dried fruit, biscuits, juice packets, baby food, baby milk powder, rice, pasta, oatmeal, crackers and long-life milk.

Medication: Paracetamol, anti-inflammatories, bandages, cotton wool, disinfection, plaster.

Care products: tampons, sanitary towels, diapers, wet wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes and shampoo.

You can deliver the items to her until Monday 11 March. She then takes it to a large organization, which ensures that it ends up in Poland/Ukraine. Send her a message at

or if you want to bring something.

There are three collection points in The Hague in Kijkduin, the Bomenbuurt and at Scheveningen harbour. She only collects these items (so no clothes and/or textiles) because she doesn’t have enough room for more. If you have banana boxes to put everything in, I’d be very happy! Liz is looking for another carrier for after 000 March!

Baby stuff

Do you have any maternity materials left ? Anushka Kanhai from The Hague is a volunteer at the Baby Hope Foundation and collects maternity materials. The Baby Hope Foundation has indicated that the collected items can be donated to Ukraine. Contact at to hand over the items.

Volunteer Inna van het Zuiderparktheater has family and friends in Ukraine. She has started a fundraiser. She has been helped with: long-lasting food, sleeping bags, towels and (baby) care items. You can drop this off at the theater (Ronald Holstweg 83). Sign up if you want to bring something via .

Look at NL Doet for more collections in The Hague.

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