Press release

Published: March 4 2022Last change: March 4 500

The Municipality of The Hague is concerned and sympathizes with the people in Ukraine and with anyone with family or friends in that country. More than one million Ukrainians have been displaced as a result of the war, according to refugee agency UNHCR. The first Ukrainians have reported to The Hague and are now being accommodated in a hotel. In addition, the Emergency Care Foundation and a number of hotels will be available for the first emergency shelter from Monday.

For the short term there are such 500 reception places are available and this can be quickly expanded to such 500 places and beyond. In addition, the municipality is arranging long-term housing and looking for additional locations to accommodate more people.

You will have to flee from war and violence. People on the run deserve a good place to stay. With the first emergency shelter and guidance, the council wants to quickly offer refugees a safe roof over their heads, says Alderman Arjen Kapteijns (Social Affairs and Work)Not only emergency shelterIn addition to housing, other matters also need to be arranged. Refugees from Ukraine are allowed to live, work or study in the EU countries to which they have emigrated as a result of the Temporary Protection Directive. Municipal services for refugees are now being set up on the basis of this guideline. In addition to housing, Ukrainians are also entitled to social assistance, financial support and medical care. Children are allowed to go to school in the reception country. Finally, we are currently working hard on a reporting point where refugees can go with questions.

We are ready to offer refugee Ukrainians a safe home. In this terrible situation, The Hague will show its best side and live up to its credo as a city of peace and justice, according to alderman Martijn Balster (Wonen, Wijken, Welzijn). Many people want to help Many residents of The Hague want to help and that is heartwarming. Existing organizations provide information about, for example, offering housing, work or what else is needed. The Hague asks the city to contribute ideas. On you will find information about how residents can contribute and which organizations they can donate to. can go to. Also Refugee Work and 50059 The Hague Doet are ready to help. †


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