The news that the Pier at Scheveningen might be demolished came in for a while. We too cannot imagine Scheveningen without that beautiful Pier. We quickly went to see for ourselves. After this visit we understand that something has to be done

It is that within the Pier a number of enthusiastic entrepreneurs keep things going and have a good time, because otherwise you have little business on the Pier . On the upper deck, the wooden floorboards are partly rotten and the walls are not finished. We also see a lot of rust.


How could it have come to this, we wonder. After all, the Pier of Scheveningen is a calling card for the city and apparently there has been bad or no maintenance for so long that it can no longer be saved.

Inside, in the gallery it certainly looks cozy. There are a lot of cozy sofas and the kitchens of the different pop-up kitchens smell great. But we also see (very) dirty trash cans, stacked pallets and other things that give the whole a messy look.

The text continues under the photos.

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Video: the old pier of Scheveningen from a very long time ago

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