Uber provides support to Ukrainian refugees in Poland. For example, free transport is offered and the company collects food and other basic necessities. Uber is also launching a special feature in the app that raises money for victims.

Shortly after the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Uber decided to temporarily stop providing transportation in Ukraine. The company wanted to guarantee the safety of drivers and passengers. Uber is now coming back from this and is looking at how the services can still be offered in the country, reports RTL Nieuws . Now it is announced that refugees at the Polish-Ukrainian border can be transported for free by taxi to the Polish cities of Lublin and Rzeszow with a discount code.

The free transport is also offered to staff of refugee centers. In addition, Uber delivers essential goods to aid organizations in Poland. In Romania, Uber has already amassed some 60 tons of essential resources. To get these resources to communities in Ukraine, there will have to be cooperation with the Red Cross. In any case, half a million dollars is already being given to the international Red Chaste and the World Food Program USA.

Aid organization for victims of war Later this week, Uber will launch a feature in the US that will allow customers to make donations to the International Rescue Committee, a relief organization that works for victims of war. The company indicates that for every donation they will donate the same amount themselves, up to an amount of 1 million dollars. This function should also be available in other countries at a later date.

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