Hendriks Taxi from Den Bosch ensured the restart of Cibatax Eindhoven, which had been declared bankrupt in 2015. According to director René Hendriks, this was a dream come true, but which quickly turned into a nightmare due to corona. Now, two years later, the company has weathered the storm and is experiencing healthy growth. Reason enough to celebrate the 28 anniversary with TaxiPro.

Hendriks started working for Cibatax in the eighties as the youngest taxi driver in Eindhoven and, according to himself, already had a passion for the work. “The freedom you have in the taxi, dealing with the great diversity of customers and the different modes of transport. No day is the same. That is what makes the work so beautiful.” Nevertheless, he wanted to broaden his horizons and started working in other branches, where he was also allowed to hold director positions.

The taxi sector, however, continued to arouse his interest. When he saw that Taxi Bouwman/A2 Taxi in Den Bosch was for sale in 28, he therefore also wanted to take over this company. He succeeded and renamed it Hendriks Taxi Services. He expanded this company from twelve employees and seven cars to forty employees and 28 vehicles. “I am very proud of what we have built there”, says Hendriks.

A household name in Eindhoven The taxi entrepreneur however, had another dream: to take the helm at the company where he developed his passion for taxi work. “I was born and raised in Eindhoven and Cibatax is a household name in Eindhoven. The company already went bankrupt in 2015, but the old owners then made a new start. I have always kept in touch with them and they were charmed by how I had set up my company in Den Bosch”, explains Hendriks. “The second time Cibatax went bankrupt in 2015, I was able to get my hands on it. We are now renting the property from the old owners and have taken over the taxis and about a hundred employees. Because Cibatax was already well known and everything was in order at Hendriks Taxi, I decided not to merge the companies. Of course we are working hard to achieve synergy between the companies.”

The way to get through the corona time He wanted to lead Cibatax and coach the employees through a so-called empowerment approach, in which responsibilities are placed low in the organization. Very result-oriented and service-oriented, but above all with an eye for employees and customers. “The start actually went perfectly. I was realizing my dream, but less than four months later corona broke out in the Netherlands. From that moment on it was rowing with the oars we had. Thanks to the support from the government and by being transparent to the employees, so communicating even better through newsletters and WhatsApp groups, we got through it together.”

Because the work of Cibatax for 50 percent street taxi transport, however, we had to say goodbye to approximately twenty employees. “Contracts have not been extended, but there were also retirees and people who have chosen to switch to public transport, for example.” Now that work is picking up again, people are slowly being hired again. The same applies to Hendriks Taxi Services. Despite corona, however, this company kept moving and has experienced healthy growth. “For this reason, we recently moved with Hendriks Taxi to a new business location”, he says proudly.

Another fifty years The taxi entrepreneur hopes that corona will disappear completely in the coming year, so that he can further focus on the future of his companies. “The acquisition of Cibatax was therefore difficult, and it will take years to get transport to the desired level due to this crisis. But in the end I am certainly happy that I was able to breathe new life into this company together with my wife Jolanda. I am a positive entrepreneur and we are committed to keeping Cibatax as well. As far as I’m concerned, another fifty years. With good communication and by my motivated team, it will work.”

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