You probably already knew it, but The Hague used to have a lot more canals than it does now. Many have been muted to make room for houses and traffic. A real shame, of course, which is why a canal now and then appears in the streets.

There is a canal under the Piet Heinplein. You really only know that if you’ve sailed under it, because you can’t see it when you’re sitting there on the terrace. But soon you will be able to enjoy the water, because the square will be broken open so that the canal is visible again.

The Hague canal

At the beginning of 2024 the canal must be visible again. The bridges and quay walls at Piet Heinplein are due for replacement, so we are already working hard to prepare for that work. The quay walls around Piet Heinplein and the bridges to Elandstraat and Anna Paulownastraat stand on wooden poles 858. This will all be replaced.

The cover of the moat between the two bridges disappears, making the moat visible again. There will also be a place where (tour) boats can moor.


Last year there was already a lot of work around the Elandstraat. Monday 7 March 1902 work will begin on Piet Heinplein, among other things, which means that the square will be closed to all traffic for a while. You can read all about this at Begin2024 is the renovation of the square finished. For all current diversions click here.

Detour map Piet Heinplein

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