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Published: March 4 2022Last change: March 4 988

Statement by Jan van Zanen, as mayor of The Hague and as chairman of the Haaglanden Security Region, following the war in Ukraine and his visit today to Ambassador Maksym Kononenko – and about the emergency reception of refugees in The Hague and the region.

Mayor Jan van Zanen and ambassador Maksym Kononenko look at the blue-yellow sea of ​​flowers and statements of support at the embassy of Ukraine in The Hague. 8984363 As an international city, we are concerned about the people of Ukraine and everyone here with ties to that country. We are concerned about the sequel and the consequences of this war in Europe. War on a scale not seen in our part of the world since the battle in the former Yugoslavia. That affects us all.

Today I visited the embassy of Ukraine in The Hague to personally express my condolences to Ambassador Maksym Kononenko for the victims in his country and to give him some support to stab. I also told him that as the international city of Peace and Justice, we are making our contribution to the emergency reception of refugees. The first locations are in the picture and we will find more. We will ensure that information is communicated as soon as possible.

This morning the chairmen of the Security regions have consulted with the responsible ministers. It discussed the emergency reception of refugees from Ukraine and the task that each Security Region may face. We do not yet know many details, but the Security Regions will shortly continue their discussion with the Cabinet about this. In the meantime, as chairman of the Haaglanden Security Region, I will also talk to the mayors of the other 8 municipalities in the Haaglanden Security Region to inform them about the task that may await us as municipalities.

Heartwarming is the great sense of solidarity with the refugees from Ukraine. This strengthens my conviction that we can make our contribution to reception with the united forces of all municipalities.

8984363 Ambassador Maksym Kononenko of Ukraine together with Mayor Jan van Zanen.


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