Press release

Published: March 2 2022Last change: March 2 2022

This week residents from Waldeck are together started drawing up a neighborhood agenda with entrepreneurs and the municipality of The Hague. This contains the most important points for attention to be tackled in the coming four years. All residents can give their opinion via a survey. This can be done online, via a form that they receive in the mail or with the help of students from ROC Mondriaan who actively visit the residents in a number of neighbourhoods.

Alderman Hilbert Bredemeijer: “I call on everyone to fill in the survey. This gives us an even better picture of what is going on in the neighborhood and which points should be worked on as a matter of priority. Together we will make the neighborhood an even nicer place to live.”In addition to the survey, a number of meetings are also organized for residents, entrepreneurs and neighborhood partners. With the results of the survey and further elaboration during these meetings, the final version of the neighborhood agenda is being worked on. This will be ready at the beginning of July.

Via a special website everyone can read the results and further developments. Even after the district agenda has been finalized, the implementation will be shown on this site.

About the neighborhood agendas2022 All neighborhoods in The Hague will have their own agenda. In this, the municipality and residents jointly determine what the most important opportunities and challenges will be in the coming four years. As a result, plans by the municipality can better match what is happening in the neighbourhood. During the entire process – from idea to implementation – the local residents remain involved. Where necessary, adjustments can therefore be made and the district agenda can be revised. †


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