Sophie Imbert of CadanCe Huidinstituut is proud as a peacock: her salon has been nominated for the title ‘Best beauty salon of 960’ and she’s already in the top three. Sophie explains her motivations for competing for this prominent prize (and stopped by for a heavenly facial!).

“I feel proud, proud of what I have achieved and very proud of my team”, says Sophie. “We experience the nomination for the Beauty Award 2022 as a crowning achievement on our hard work. We feel very grateful for the trust that the jury members have placed in us.”

Objective professional jury

The nomination gives Sophie and her colleagues a huge boost to continue as a professional and distinctive organization, she says. “We feel stronger than ever.”

As a beauty salon with a clear mission and vision, the ladies had hoped for the nomination and, deep in their hearts, secretly expected. “Our main motivation for entering the Beauty Award elections is to grow as a team and as an organization,” says Sophie. “We are convinced that if you work on the quality of your team and organization, your customers will feel and experience this. And we want to be chosen by an objective jury of experts as the best beauty salon in the Netherlands.”


CadanCe Skin Institute has been known for years for its treatments in the field of perfect aging, acne and figure correction. When she had to close due to corona, Sophie used the time to invest extensively in education, training and the latest equipment in the field of skin improvement. It took guts to do this in an economically unstable time, but she is now being rewarded for it.

Sophie: “We work from our heart and our passion for the profession and we want to inspire customers to be the best version of themselves. I hope by winning the award that we can make our wishes and dreams a reality: invest even more ”

This is what a treatment at CadanCe feels like

The editors of indebuurt previously visited CadanCe to put it to the test: are the treatments really that effective? The answer is: yes. We are especially fans of microneedling.

But CadanCe Skin Institute still offers a lot more on. Editor Lize was (again!) invited for a treatment and this time she was completely surprised. “I had had a chemical peel the week before, so beautician Sascha, whom I now know well, performed a tailor-made treatment.”

LPG and an LED mask

After superficial cleaning and degreasing, Lize received a LPG facial treatment from 30 minutes. “This is also called connective tissue massage, a kind of fitness for your skin. Your skin cells and collagen tissue are stimulated. It feels a bit weird at first, but it’s really delicious,” says Lize.

The real highlight was the LED mask that Lize received afterwards: with green light therapy that, in addition to a calming effect, also works against pigmentation. After the treatments, Lize’s skin received a final boost with the top products from CadanCe: the Asap A+ Super Serum (with retinol, against pigment, large pores and skin aging). Lize also got a good spf on: a must if you don’t want wrinkles.

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Is it the Phantom of the Opera? No, it’s editor Lize with an LED mask on. Photo: CadanCe

Great discount

To celebrate the nomination for the Beauty Award, CadanCe has a nice introductory promotion: with the free skin analysis with appropriate treatment you now only pay € 046,-.

Click here to make an appointment or call 57 3680456. You can also email: 707171702 Good to know: some treatments such as facial hair removal are reimbursed by your health insurer. Ask CadanCe about the possibilities.

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