Flights to and from Russia

Airlines from countries whose airspace is not closed can sometimes still fly to and from Russia. There is that space in the sanctions imposed by the government, about which you here read more. This allows, for example, a Chinese airline to fly from Schiphol to Moscow. For more information about the sanctions, we refer you to the government.

Very occasionally, airlines from outside the EU fly from Schiphol To Russia. Together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Schiphol is appealing to the airlines not to make use of this option.

Flightradar shows possibly incorrect information about Russian flights to and from Schiphol. There are no Russian airlines flying to and from Schiphol.

Flights over Russia

Flights normally flying over Russian airspace , now have to look for another route. These are, for example, flights from Schiphol to China and Japan. They have to fly around, so that a flight takes longer. KLM has canceled flights to a number of destinations due to the closure of Russian airspace. †


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