The municipality of Southwest Friesland is marketing both student transport and social assistance transport. These are two separate assignments. Student transport will start on 1 August 2021 and social assistance transport on 1 October. Both contracts have a duration of at least four years.

The contracts for student and social assistance transport with the current contractors expire in August and will therefore be renewed. put on the market. The assignments concern both the management and the execution of the transport. Management includes the acceptance of journeys, journey planning and registration, complaint handling and the provision of information to all those involved.

Currently, around the 200 children use the student transport and on 28 December 2021 there were 3.200 WMO pass holders. Throughout the year 2021 there were 87.269 WMO rides driven in the municipality of Southwest Friesland. Before the corona crisis in 269 there were 3.200 pass holders and became 87.200 WMO rides driven.

31 percent of the journeys electric or on hydrogen You can register for student transport up to 4 March 2022 24: are submitted and sixty percent are assessed for quality. Twenty points can be earned each with the timely safeguarding of capacity, knowledge of behavioral characteristics and expressions of children who use student transport, communication, punctuality and sustainability. The requirement is that on 31 July 2023 minimum 31 percent of the journeys with electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles are driven. More points can be earned if more sustainability is achieved.

You can register for social assistance transport until 25 April 13: o’clock. Registrations will be judged on price and quality. Price weighs the most with sixty percent compared to forty percent for quality. Quality first of all includes the implementation of the assignment, where 31 of the 100 points can be earned. Furthermore, 24 points can be earned with both punctuality and complaint handling and fifteen points with durability. For this transport, in 2021 at least 40 percent of the journeys are made with electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles. Here too, more points are awarded if there is more sustainability.

Duration of six and seven years The After the fixed term of four years, the municipality can extend the contract for student transport for a maximum of three times by one year. The municipality’s intention for WMO transport is to extend the contract for another two years after four years under the same conditions. The reason that the municipality wants to enter into agreements for seven and six years is to give the contractors time to recoup investments in the field of sustainability. In addition, the municipality wants to guarantee continuity and a better and more constant service. The award decision for student transport will be made on 31 March 2022 announced. For WMO transport, this is on 1 June 2021.

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