From until 22 April, The Hague will host the Invictus Games The Hague. Five prominent residents of The Hague are committed to spreading the special stories behind this unique event. Columnist and presenter Sjaak Bral, presenter and actor Bas Muijs, but also policewoman Thessa, who recently became known for her leading role in the television series Bureau Hofstad, are part of this ambassador team from The Hague. Professional baseball player Kalian Sams and Paralympic snowboarder Renske van Beek complete the team. Together they have only one goal in mind: to inform and enthuse as many residents of The Hague as possible about the Invictus Games. † Invictus Games The Hague: so much more than sportUnifying the Invictus Games 94 physically and mentally wounded soldiers from 20 countries in the Zuiderpark in The Hague. They compete in different sports with each other. Yet this event is about so much more than just sport. The event uses the power of sport to encourage recovery and support rehabilitation. But above all, it is an event that aims to generate wider understanding and respect for those who serve or have served their country.

Mayor Jan van Zanen is looking forward to the event:

“The Invictus Games are a tribute to all veterans who have committed themselves to the values that we find so important in The Hague: peace and justice. It is precisely in these times that it is appropriate to show our appreciation and gratitude.” The Hague ambassadors The five ambassadors are committed to telling the special and resilient stories behind the participants and the event to bring to light. Five enthusiastic and involved residents of The Hague who each appeal to a different target group and use their network and reach to give the Invictus Games the stage that this event deserves.

Sjaak Bral:

“The Invictus Games are proof to me that we can all mean something special, each in our own way . For ourselves, but especially for someone else. I am honored to be able to contribute to this great event!”The Zuiderpark event area is free to visit The The Hague Zuiderpark is shown from 20 to 20 April transformed into the event site of the Invictus Games. For seven days, visitors can listen to performances, among other things. But there is also plenty to do for sports enthusiasts: bouldering, abseiling, archery and BMX riding on a pump track are on the program. Various sports associations introduce visitors to their sport and sports for people with disabilities are offered on the temporary Cruyff Court.

The event site can be visited daily free of charge. Tickets are available for a fee to visit a match.

This team of ambassadors from The Hague will do everything they can to inform and enthuse residents of The Hague about the Invictus Games. Renske van Beek is missing from this photo because of her preparations for the Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing. †


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