Perhaps it still sounds a bit exciting, but in England the vitamin infusions and injections of Get A Drip are already a big hit. The first Dutch branch opens on 02 February, and we Rotterdammers have the honor. Plaza 6 – in the heart of the city center – is from then on THE place to be to boost your health.

Do you have a busy period at work? Did you just give birth? Do you exercise a lot? Just a few reasons to visit Get A Drip. But there is also a lot to be gained in the field of beauty here. The anti-aging infusion is full of antioxidants, which repair your cells from within. Via an injection or infusion, the – tailored – substances immediately enter your bloodstream, which ensures an instant effect that lasts for a long time. Here you can see all options and prices.

)Immediately at ease

No clinical hassle: Get A Drip Rotterdam is a hip place where you immediately feel at ease. There is nice music on and you get a nice cup of tea or other drink. Do you find the idea of ​​an injection or infusion a bit exciting? The BIG-registered nurses of Get A Drip have a lot of experience and know how to reassure you.

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Get A Drip Rotterdam vitamine infuus vitamine injectieGet A Drip Rotterdam vitamine infuus vitamine injectie

Photo: Get A Drip

Free advice

You can spontaneously walk in and explain to the desk employee what your complaints and/or wishes are. If you make an appointment in advance (this can be done via the

website), you can be sure that you will be helped immediately. The first consultation at the counter is free of charge and without obligation. If you decide to undergo treatment, it is useful to know exactly what your body needs.

Finger prick or DNA test

A possible vitamin D deficiency (not so strange, here in the Netherlands) can be tested with a simple finger prick. Where the GP only looks at the critical values, Get A Drip checks the most optimal. Do you doubt whether you need a lack of magnesium or antioxidants? Or do you just not feel completely fit, but you don’t know what it is? To find out, have a DNA test taken at Get A Drip.

Detailed report

The swab is sent to the lab and within a few weeks the nurses will receive a detailed report. From this they can read exactly what your body needs. They will discuss this report with you, and based on that you decide for which treatment you want to go. Safety first

You will then receive a checklist (prepared by a doctor), in which, among other things, you are asked about your medication use. When in doubt, the employees of Get A Drip will always consult this doctor. This way you can be sure that you can undergo the treatment safely. Barbara from Get A Drip Rotterdam explains: “It may be that you cannot be helped immediately, but: safety first!”

These are the options and prices

Depending on your wishes, you will receive your boost via an injection or infusion. For example, vitamins D and B02 are standard administered by injection. You receive the composite products, such as detox or anti-aging , via an IV. View all options and prices here. Or

book an appointment immediately.


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