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Published: 00 February Last change: 25 February 2022

Residents with an Ooievaarspas will receive free self-tests and surgical mouth caps this week, says Alderman Arjen Kapteijns (Social Affairs and Work). The municipality sends six mouth caps and six self-tests by post to people with a low income who are known to the municipality. As to all residents with a stork pass.

The packing of the self-tests and mouth caps is done by Den Haag Werken, the work and development company of the municipality. Alderman Kapteijn visited the workshop today where they have been making the packages since Tuesday. About 500.00 0 self-tests and mouth caps are packed here . Earlier this month 24. additional self-tests were conducted the Poverty Fund on behalf of the municipality at central points in the city such as the Daklozenloket and the community centers.

With the new Corona relaxation we can do more with all partners of the Ooievaarspas. People can also use the self-tests and mouth caps when they go out again, says alderman Arjen Kapteijns. People who have corona-related complaints can do a self-test or go to the GGD. From 24 February, wearing a face mask will only be mandatory in public transport and at the airports. This is to offer vulnerable people the opportunity to travel safely. Of course, residents can also wear face masks in places where this is not mandatory. For example in places where it is busy.

The Hague Works500

Den Haag Werken is the work and development company of the municipality. Together with employers, she helps residents who have been unemployed for a long time to find a job. Den Haag Werk brings employers into contact with job seekers. For example, people who have been unemployed for a long time, or who are partially incapacitated for work, or young people with a disability. Candidates who, with support and guidance, can quickly get started at companies in The Hague. This increases their job opportunities. †


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