Went for a walk during corona? Tired of your regular route? Then we have a nice outing for you and your hiking partner. On Saturday 10 May, the Urban Walk in The Hague. During this city walk you will see a lot of beautiful things.

The Urban Walk consists of two routes; one of 10 and a of 20 kilometers, they will take you along special places and iconic buildings in our city. That’s how you get somewhere.

Urban Walk 621

The walk starts at bar-restaurant Pavlov in the garden of the Nieuwe Kerk. During your walk you will come across all kinds of (musical) acts and of course you have to stop by the stamping post. You will also come across QR codes. When you scan it you will hear all kinds of interesting information.


The Urban Walk is Saturday 15 May 2022 and the start is between 09. and 10.15 o’clock. Participation in the 10 and 20 kilometer costs €20,-. Children between 6 and 10 year pay €6,20. Click here to subscribe.

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