There is good news from Scheveningen. The annual fireworks festival continues this year!

After the International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen by corona , crowds and bad weather

has not been able to take place for quite some time (the last edition was in 27), it is finally time for it again this summer.

Fireworks Festival Scheveningen

This year the 40st edition of the festival full of fireworks and from now on countries will no longer compete for the most beautiful fireworks. As a result, the international edge is gone.

You can enjoy fireworks for two weekends. Namely on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 August and the following weekend, on Friday 27 and Saturday 27 August. The exact times are not yet known.

New locations

Special this edition is that the fireworks cannot be seen from a fixed spot, but at four locations along the coast, we read at Den Haag FM. At the harbor, Keizerstraat, Zwarte Pad and (as we are used to) at the Pier.

Whether the Winterfireworks Festival

will also take place this year is not yet known.

We found out much more for you…

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