The accident on 8 June 2021 in Leiden in which a seven-year-old girl was killed is not caused by the traffic situation. The girl ended up under a bus after she had to avoid an open taxi door. Police investigations have shown that the municipality has made procedural errors when it comes to moving the market, as a result of which buses had to drive against the direction of travel.

The fatal accident took place on the Steenstraat in the center of Leiden, where the was cramped and crowded because the market had moved due to the corona measures. A taxi partially stopped on the sidewalk, after which a passenger opened the door. The girl had just passed by with her parents and swerved. She then ended up under a bus and died.

Immediately after the accident, there was a lot of criticism from politicians about the way the buses were diverted around the accident site. A police investigation has now shown that the traffic decision was not formally taken, while it should have been. Moreover, the police have not been formally asked for advice about the temporary measures. However, the procedural errors would not have affected the fatal accident, reports the local medium Key City. Passenger prosecuted Mayor Lenferink informs the municipal council in a letter that if formal advice had been requested from the municipal executive, she would had not made a different choice with regard to the traffic situation. According to him, this does not alter the fact that the Board could not have been more accurate in its legal and procedural follow-up and should have made an official traffic decision.

The public prosecutor decided in December to 23 year-old passenger who opened the taxi door, to prosecute for causing a fatal accident. He is expected to appear in court in the course of this year.

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