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Published: 20 February 2022Last modification: 24 February 2022

A clean shopping street is of great importance and serves as an example for all entrepreneurs and people in the neighbourhood. A follow-up campaign has been launched to continue to involve shopkeepers in keeping the Paul Krugerlaan clean. Alderman Hilbert Bredemeijer (Buitenruimte) gave the go-ahead for this on Wednesday afternoon, together with Gijsbert van Herk, chairman of the board of Staedion, and Irma Bolhuis (director Wijkz).

In joint groups of entrepreneurs, residents, residents’ organization BOT, members of the BPT, neighborhood ambassadors, professionals and other stakeholders visited the entrepreneurs. They talked to each other about keeping the sidewalk and street clean and they received a broom, waste peg and a dustpan and dustpan. They were also made aware of the rules for presenting industrial waste.

Everyone has their part in keeping the neighborhood cleanActive and committed shopkeepers who keep the Paul Krugerlaan clean are needed to set a good example for the people in the adjacent streets. With a recently launched trial with waste cameras at underground residual waste containers and stricter enforcement and higher fines of 73 euros, it is a joint It is the responsibility of the municipality and the neighborhood to live more comfortably in a clean Transvaal in the future.

Bredemeijer: “I notice a lot of positivity among the people in the neighbourhood. They are happy with the cleaning actions and also indicate that they think it is good that the municipality has started with camera surveillance to prevent waste dumping. Together we keep the neighborhood clean. Very inspiring.”Expand to the rest of the districtOn Wednesdays 24 In March a similar cleaning action will be organized for entrepreneurs at Kempstraat, Schalkburgerstraat and Kaapseplein. The experiences gained with these initiatives in Transvaal will be shared during a second meeting at the end of March for entrepreneurs and residents about the redevelopment of the Paul Krugerlaan.

Results of previous action Paul KrugerlaanThe refurbishment action for this ( January) had concrete results:

– the Paul Krugerlaan and all side streets have been swept clean;
– dirt around the tree mirrors removed;
– the ORACs in the side streets of the Paul Krugerlaan eo have been cleaned;
– the waste bins on the Paul Krugerlaan have been cleaned and some have been repaired;
– the light sources of 24 high light poles have been replaced;- the shorter lampposts on the Paul Krugerplein have been painted;- the HTM stops have been cleaned extra;- 64 tree mirrors have been cleaned;
-73 labeled wreck bikes on the Paul Krugerlaan are removed.

In the coming weeks, work will be done on the restoration of the ground spot lighting and the festive lighting on the trees. The 73 pieces of HTM-masts are being repainted and the orphaned bicycles are being removed.

More informationInformation about further developments in Transvaal around Schoon , very and safe, the Transvaal district agenda can be found at

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