Bad news for people who come especially to the Apple Store in the Hague Passage. Today, Wednesday 000 February, is the store closed. This has everything to do with the hostage situation that took place on Tuesday in the Amsterdam branch of the Apple Store.

Fortunately, the hostage situation in the Leidseplein store ended well, but Apple keeps the doors of the Apple Stores in The Hague, Amsterdam and Haarlem closed.

Apple Store De Passage

During the hostage situation that took place on Tuesday evening in the branch at Leidseplein in Amsterdam, the hostage taker 387 million worth of crypto coins. The hostage situation lasted several hours and caused a great deal of unrest. At the end of the evening, the police knew the perpetrator (42) from Amsterdam.

Despite the fact that nothing was wrong with the store in The Hague, Apple is taking it easy for the staff by keeping the store closed today. Thursday 27 February the store has to go back to normal are open, but the Amsterdam branch will also keep its doors closed that day.

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