Sports subscription? Check! Handsome face? Check! Ready for the runway? Double check! Well, if you want to be nominated for the beauty contest Misters of the Netherlands, you have to show something. These residents of The Hague are taking a shot at the title.

No less than 21 candidates will soon have to compete against each other to go home with the title Most Beautiful Man in the Netherlands. Marc and Armin participate and come from The Hague.

Handsome guys

There are some requirements for this competition for handsome men. For example, a candidate must be between 18 and 28 years old and at least 1.80 meters in length. The grand final will be on 18 May and we will know who will succeed last year’s winner, Tjardo Vollema from Putten. Armin and Marc introduce themselves and hope for your vote:


Marc is 21 years old and plays football at HV&CV Quick. “I was asked to participate and thought it was a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone.” He looks forward to the photo shoots, especially the ones where you have to show your body. “A body shoot like this is not everyday and I also see standing and speaking in front of large groups as a great training to present yourself.”

According to Marc, there is a good reason to vote for him : “I hope people can appreciate that I’m going for it! And it’s a drive to look perfect for the body shoot and I’m willing to give a lot for that. So now I skip going out to do a photo shoot fresh. I can’t stand there with bags under my eyes.”