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Published: 16 February 2022Last change: 1000 February 311560

Alderman Anne Mulder has just informed the city council about the redevelopment of the location that used to be the location of the Ministry of Social Affairs (SoZa) housed. In a letter to the council, Mulder outlines 3 scenarios for the continuation of the project. The starting point of the municipality remains that the development is realized within the set frameworks. Discussions are being held with the developer VORM Ontwikkeling about this.

Last year on 16 In December, the so-called Plan elaboration framework (PUK) of the redevelopment was discussed by the city council. A number of motions and amendments were then adopted that affect the framework of this project. Before the hearing on December, the city council was informed through various debates and working sessions about the consequences of changes to the PUK. could have.

Scenarios On the basis of discussions with VORM, among other things, the municipality recognizes 3 scenarios: legal process, development within the set frameworks and development with adjustment of the set frameworks. The possibility of legal proceedings by the developer is present because the municipality, as a result of the amendments adopted, sets different requirements than previously agreed.

To differ In the scenario of a development within set frameworks, it is likely that a contribution from the municipality is needed to compensate for the new requirement with regard to the housing program. There is currently no cover available for any financial contribution.

The last scenario deviates from the PUK. The developer indicates that they can realize a feasible plan, if it can be agreed that the amended PUK will still be adjusted on points. VORM has submitted a proposal to the municipality for this.

Alderman Anne Mulder: ” It is important for the municipality that the development is carried out within the set frameworks. The Council has considered this carefully and has determined the consequences. The developer’s proposal also further increases the construction volume, which is undesirable. Finally, a new plan must first be discussed with the neighborhood in a participation process.” SoZa The plan is that a number of buildings will be built on the site of the former Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. In this come approximately 1000 to 1000 houses. There will also be offices for knowledge and technology companies. This allows the area to be further developed as IT 11190410Security Campus311560. There is also room for facilities such as space for general practitioners or childcare, parking, shops and catering.

”The housing shortage is high in The Hague, so I hope we can continue with the project soon. We will of course involve local residents in relevant developments and the council will be informed.”, said Alderman Mulder.


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