The Hague Zoo is looking for a warm basket for a very enterprising male owner (2 years). Shelter cat Peter is playful with crazy cavorts, is not afraid to take a bite in your arm in his rowdy mood or if he thinks slightly differently than ji.

Wanted: An owner who likes a joke and a joke (sometimes with a snack). Someone who provides entertainment in the form of enough toys and scratching stuff.

No other cats

A place where there are no other cats in the house (because he likes to fight with them) but would like a garden where he can hunt and run.

Do you think Peter might be a good fit for you? Come and meet this cheerful boy soon.

Are you interested in adopting Peter? Mail to

Because the HDC wants to make the best possible match, it would be nice if you would already answer the questions below and send them in the mail.

  • How many members does your family consist of?
  • Do you have/have children? If so, what age are they?
  • Do you have/do you had cats before?
  • How long is the cat home alone? Will that change when the measures due to the coronavirus are over?
  • Do you have/have other pets? If yes, please provide more information about their characters/age (e.g. are they used to living with a cat)
  • Do you have an outdoor area where the cat can come? Balcony/garden

  • What are you looking for/are you looking for for a cat? Age, character…
  • Do you object to it if does the cat need diet food?
  • They are also happy to receive you phone number.
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