No one will have missed it: the Netherlands is completely in the grip of storm Eunice. It was advised from . to stay inside for hours and there was no public transport anymore. From that moment on it was very quiet on the street.

Nevertheless, a few got on their bicycles and a handful of tough walkers went out of curiosity to the beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin, to experience the strength of a really violent storm there. to experience. There you could hardly see your hand through the drifting sand. You were completely sandblasted! The waves also beat furiously against the high tide line. A single bird that dared to dive immediately saw it again.

All in all quite an experience with wind gusts up to 87 miles per hour on the beach! Something not to forget.

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    Storm Eunice is coming: read all about public transport in The Hague here 1644834287

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