Wednesday night storm Dudley came by, his sister Eunice is visiting today and she is a lot more cranky than Dudley. Extremely strong winds are expected, which is why the public transport services in The Hague are taking measures.

The NS has announced that today (Friday

February) from 00.00 hours no more domestic and international trains. So do you have to go to another city for work, for example? Make sure you go on time.

The NS stops all trains because they are afraid that trees will blow on the track and that is of course very dangerous.

Buses and trams in The Hague

It is really better to stay indoors this afternoon, because buses and trams are not running in addition to the trains. HTM keeps all public transport services from 01.01 hours in. If the storm becomes dangerous sooner, it is possible that buses and trams will run a different timetable earlier.

Good luck everyone today and be careful!

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