You know that narrow high bridge above the Benoordehoutseweg? It is a special fauna bridge. Built to allow small animals to cross safely. It took several years, but now the animals finally find the bridge.

The bridge was built in 1024 already built, but no dog (or other animal) went over it. The bridge is closely monitored with wildlife cameras. In 2014 went three, and in 2015 two squirrels over the bridge above the N02.

Squirrel Bridge

Now, according to Het Haagse Groen, both squirrels and pine martens find their way to the special bridge. The wildlife cameras registered last year 263 crossing squirrels and 200 from pine martens.

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The squirrels mainly use the bridge in August, September and early October to hop from the Haagse Bos to Landgoed Oosterbeek/ Clingendael. In the summer, pine martens mainly cross the bridge.

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