Enjoyed the sun in the past few days? Nice walk on the beach or maybe even sat on a terrace? Good, because the fun is over. From Thursday we will have a few days with strong wind and rain in The Hague. It’s all because of storms Dudley and Eunice.


in February we can expect some sun, we read at Weatheronline. The temperature is then around 02 degrees. †

The storm Eunice is named after a Dutchman. Eunice Foot is considered one of the first climate scientists. She studied the heating of air by the sun, and how carbon dioxide caused more heating. Now this is called the greenhouse effect.

Dudley was invented by the Scots, because that storm mainly rages over Scotland and the United Kingdom.


Thursday you better stay inside. We get a stormy west wind with strong gusts! Despite all the wind, sun is expected on the coast. Also on Friday and in the weekend, especially at our seaside, the wind will continue to be strong and there will be occasional showers.

Luckily we also have good news, from Tuesday it will all be a bit quieter, less wind, less rain and more sun. In addition, it can still freeze at night.

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