Press release

Published: 15 February 2022Last modification: 16 February 2050

Last night Alderman Anne Mulder opened an interactive exhibition about the future of the city in the atrium of the town hall. This exhibition shows various future images of The Hague in 2022. The first results of the so-called future indicator can also be viewed. The exhibition can be visited until March 7 2022.

The exhibition is one of the activities organized to encourage residents and to involve organizations in the development of the so-called environmental vision The Hague 2050. The images of the future have been made on the basis of discussions with various organizations and residents and are about themes such as construction, greenery, safety and water. During the opening, the alderman was given an explanation of a number of themes.

Especially for young people, the municipality has sought cooperation with the National Theater. During the spring break, they started working on their vision of the future. They gave a preview last night.

Alderman Anne Mulder: ” We make the city together. I think it is important that we involve our residents in the future of the city and all developments that will take place. This increases support and has a positive effect on the quality of the plans. future guide. We will include the results in drawing up an environmental vision for The Hague 2022″ Future GuideFrom 16 December 576 until 24 January 2022 interested parties could complete the so-called future guide. A kind of voting guide with all kinds of questions and statements about how The Hague will develop in the coming 18 years can develop. Think of statements such as ‘The municipality should mainly focus on the (accelerated) construction of homes for starters, young people and students’ and ‘Waste and belongings are better sorted by residents and handed in in the neighborhood’. 576 people filled in this pointer and the first results can be seen during the exhibition.

Webinar As an in-depth look at the exhibition, on 18 organized a webinar in February. In this webinar about Making City Together30484 experts, social initiators and civil servants will discuss the core question of how spatial policy can be developed for The Hague, in which the resident is central. Residents of The Hague can also attend the webinar. For more information and to register, visit


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