On 26 February, Ananda Spritual Living finally opens its doors at the Noordeinde 64. A real candy store for people who are interested in spirituality. But you are also at the right place for a present. From tarot cards to gems, from jewelry to singing bowls and from witch’s cauldrons to dream catchers, they’ve got it all here. Indebuurt already took a sneak peak

in the third branch of Ananda.

A new-time shop, so to call it owners Shirley and Jeffrey van Woerkom also called their shop. After all, you will find everything in the field of the ‘higher’ here, be it mindfulness or contemplation.


Ananda has become a popular shop in Haarlem and Utrecht. Shirley thinks that the success is partly because the stores are simply nice places. “Where you can just walk in without a goal and maybe run into the right (gem) stone.” And Shirley means that literally, because between the enormous amount of gems and crystals that you will find at Ananda ‘your feeling will always point you to the right one for you’.

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“If you’re feeling stressed or you’re just not having your day, our store is a place where you can find a piece of self-love. People often walk in surprised and then you feel their energy light up. We are not right next to you to ask what you are looking for: we just let you sniff around but are always there for questions”, says Shirley.

Everything is energy, says the landlady. And that energy is in the shop so mustache. The nice thing, according to Shirley, is that more and more people are finding their way to spirituality. Also young people: “You see TikTok more and more young people who are working with Wicca and tarot cards. You will also find that here. There really is something for everyone.”


Spirituality is becoming more and more common, Shirley notes. “Also because of the time in which we live. Partly due to corona, we are increasingly dependent on ourselves. People are increasingly realizing that self-love is the most important thing.”

In the new Ananda branch in The Hague you can also go for a simple gemstone that replenishes your energy, but also for books to learn more about ‘the higher’: whether that be mindfulness or the occult. Shirley: “Anything that gives you or your loved ones more energy.” Curious about the range?

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