The rapid spread of the coronavirus also causes a lot of absenteeism among taxi companies. Because people share a small space during a taxi ride, the risk of contamination is high. To make taxi rides safer for both drivers and passengers and to reduce absenteeism, Taxi Van Ojik focuses on active air purification.

The coronavirus mainly spreads through the air. The chance of infection is therefore greater if you are in a small space with several people. “The moment a passenger has cold complaints, we and our drivers only know this as soon as this person sniffs in the car, for example,” says owner Arjen van Ojik. “We don’t know whether a mouth cap offers sufficient protection.”

It was clear, however, that the concerns about possible contamination among his drivers were increasing. “Quite a lot of drivers are of age. Especially when they had not yet received a booster shot, they were afraid of contracting the virus.” A few weeks ago, according to Van Ojik, one of the drivers had a customer in the taxi who had the virus for two days in a row. “He was infected and didn’t let us know, so he could have just passed it on to the driver. Fortunately, this did not happen, but the risk is great in such cases.”

Better mouth caps and air quality For this reason, Van Ojik states that his company has switched to better face masks and that the air quality in the vehicles is being improved by means of air purifiers. “Opening a window is an option, but this is unpleasant, especially in winter. Moreover, it is not clear whether this really makes the air cleaner, because you also bring in exhaust gases and particulate matter.” In the search for air purifiers, it turned out that many manufacturers were unable to provide data on the effectiveness of their product. “In the end we found and installed certified air purifiers that filter out 27 percent of all harmful particles in the air, including the coronavirus.”

Besides the fact that the taxi entrepreneur does this to create a safer environment for his drivers and customers, there is also the great omission among taxi drivers participate in this decision because of corona. “A driver at home sick for a day costs us a lot of money and causes problems in the planning. The virus also increasingly returns to the same person or someone unconsciously carries it with them. If you are in an enclosed space, it is still a nice idea that the air is filtered.”

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