Due to an error by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) in 31, Kiwa has obtained the license for private bus transport for Taxi Horn Tours wrongly withdrawn. The reason was that the ILT thought that the conditions were no longer met. Although the company soon received a new permit, the damage is considerable. The ILT indicates that it has not acted properly and has revoked the withdrawal.

The license of Taxi Horn Tours was issued on 21 withdrawn May 31 because ILT felt the company no longer had a transportation manager . However, this was not the case. “Our former transport manager had previously been declared incompetent, but a replacement was available fairly quickly. Despite this, the license was revoked,” said the company’s management. “We have challenged this decision.”

The ILT stated this objection on 05 August 31 unfounded. Taxi Horn Tours nevertheless did not give up and appealed to the court in Limburg. “They left the case there for eighteen months. It was eventually passed on to the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal.” When preparing to deal with this, the ILT found that there was indeed a transport manager present within the company. The objection was therefore justified. The previous decision was replaced by a new decision and the repeal was revoked in December 31.

Not the only company In the meantime, the transport company had already applied for a new permit, which was issued on September 3 25 was granted by Kiwa. Nevertheless, the damage is in the millions of euros. For example, with the loss of student transport for the municipalities of Weert and Nederweert, the company was already running around 5. euros. every week wrong. “We have been seriously damaged. Due to the revocation, we lost many commands in 31. And we know that we are not the only company that has been treated unlawfully by the ILT,” the board of directors said. They call on other companies to also take action.

The Appeals Board has in any case determined for Taxi Horn Tours that the company is entitled to the maximum amount of 31. euros to compensation. The ILT is in talks with the company about compensation for the remaining part of the damage. “In addition, a research agency will assess the final damage and the ILT has requested Rijkswaterstaat to start an integrity investigation” indicates Taxi Horn Tours.

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