For years you saw musicians and ballerinas walking back and forth to the building around the corner from The Hague Central. Now the building is empty and all students of the Royal Conservatoire (KC) have left for Amare. The old KC building is being demolished.

Not one, but two new buildings will be built on the site of the old Conservatory building. There will also be a park. People who live in the vicinity of the old KC building can help design the park.

No new apartments

Unfortunately, there will be no new apartments on the site of the old Conservatory. There will be a new building of the ANWB, this building is probably at the end 2022 finished. In addition to the traffic information and emergency center, there will also be a shop, catering and an auditorium/auditorium. new apartments will probably be built on the site of the old ANWB building on Wassenaarseweg.

The second building that will replace the RC is a building for the government. Little is known about this so far. It has been announced that the area where the old KC building is located must become an environment where many companies want to establish themselves and where you can enjoy shopping. In addition, the area must also remain fun for the people who already live there.

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