A small shout out to all aspiring dancers, singers, guitar players and all people with a love for culture: get off that couch! Because now that everything is open again, the range of cool courses in the city is huge. The Hague Marketing Bureau lists them all for you.

With the slogan ‘

Turn yourself on

‘ The Hague Marketing Bureau, together with the municipality and CultuurSchakel, motivate you to practice art and culture yourself (again) in our city.

Turn yourself on

‘Pick up that guitar or pen, loosen your vocal cords or muscles, start a new adventure or pick up where you left off, but: Turn yourself on!’ we read on the website. We can of course only support that from nearby 🙂 .

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Hasan, Frederieke and Willem

The ambassadors of the message Put yourself in front of Hasan, Frederieke and Willem. All three have a passion and talent for a particular branch of culture. Hasan Gök is an inspired spoken word artist, Frederieke Creemers is a novice dancer with energy for ten and Willem Monteiro is a passionate guitarist. Frederieke explains in the video portrait above why participating in culture is so valuable and gives pleasure.

You can do all this

To make it easy for you, Cultuur Schakel has listed the complete range of cultural courses, workshops and lessons in The Hague. From dancing to making music and from drama lessons to painting workshops, there is something for everyone. Discover your talent and passion and view the wide range at the bottom of this page .

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