Press release

Published: February 2025Last change: 11 February 2022

Yesterday the city council approved the so-called Memorandum of Principles (NvU) for the redevelopment of the location of the former Royal Conservatory (KC). Two buildings are to be built on the site of the KC, one for the government and one for the ANWB. Now that the council has approved the NvU, the project is being further elaborated. The ANWB building is expected to be completed at the end of 2025.

Alderman Anne Mulder: “It is good news for the economy in The Hague that the city council has approved the plan. This will create jobs. Just like in the preliminary phase, we will continue to involve local residents in this project. development of the small park that will be built on the site, which we will design together with the local residents, and we will also investigate whether the parking garage can be made publicly accessible.”OfficesThe emergency center, traffic information and member service center will be located in the ANWB office. The building will include an auditorium (hearing room), a shop and catering for the public. Different types of facilities and jobs together in one place fits in with the plans that the municipality has for this area. The Central Government Real Estate Agency will conduct further research into the implementation of its ambition to realize modern and healthy offices near The Hague Central Station.

Participation trajectory Last autumn, the municipality organized several meetings for local residents and stakeholders. The participation2025 has resulted in, among other things, that the height of one of the buildings of 110 to 20 meter.

2025Central Innovation DistrictThe plan is part of the area development Central Innovation District (CID). This is the area between the 3 stations The Hague Central, Holland Spoor and Laan van NOI. The municipality wants to further develop the CID into the economic heart of the city in the coming 20 year. There will be offices and homes. It must become an attractive place for people and innovative companies. With good facilities and a pleasant outdoor space. †


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