Zorg Vervoercentrale Nederland has made a successful start with patient transport for Menzis and VGZ. Intensive consultation, solid agreements and good cooperation with all stakeholders ensured that the implementation of the extensive service provision went smoothly.

The responsible carrier is since 1 January 2022 responsible for the management and implementation of transport for the two health insurers. The company is proud to have added two satisfied clients and thousands of new travelers to its portfolio of transport orders. The new travelers give the journeys an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars as a rating via the ZCN app.

Together with healthcare institutions, clients and a network of reliable carriers, ZCN ensures a stable performance throughout the contract period. However, the shortage of drivers has not gone unnoticed by the supervisor either. “We consciously included that knowledge in the implementation of transport. It has influenced the organization of our carrier network for these assignments. With success”, says the company.

Traveler is always central A lot of value is attached to patient transport quality, durability, safety, affordability and timeliness. “For example, we use low-threshold methods for registering a ride with the user-friendly app or the personal traveler environment on the website, where people arrive after logging in. For travelers who wish to do so, it is always possible to register by means of a personal telephone conversation.”

The traveler is therefore always central, according to the director and great value is attached to communication. “Proactively, actively and afterwards. This is not only experienced as pleasant by travelers, it also provides valuable input for any improvements that we actually implement.” ZCN is ready to deploy its expertise more widely. New possibilities are currently being explored to further expand the successful service.

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