What a surprise. Our call to put friends in The Hague in the spotlight received a huge number of registrations. In the coming period you will therefore see stories of close friendships in The Hague. That makes you happy!

Ellen de Vries now lives in Hoorn but as a child in The Hague. She attended primary school in the Frederikstraat together with 10 others. “We have lost sight of one of ‘us’, but otherwise the class has been friends since we were all about four years old” says Ellen.

Close friendship

“We really are friends for life. My best friend Rick and I went to primary school de Willemspark in the Frederikstraat together. We were together in a class of 10 pupils. Kim, Vincent, Yvo, Ramona, Francis, Lilian, Charlene, Michel, Frans, Rick, Wolter and me. We are still friends with these classmates.”

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Private photo: Ellen de Vries

The club of friends no longer goes to all birthday parties or is allowed to get together but they still see and speak to each other. We are all going to be this year or 39 and have known each other since we were four, so a lot has happened in the meantime. The group is now widely spread throughout the country and even beyond, but a number of us still live in The Hague. We also have an app group so that we can still talk to each other.”

Miss Kraakman

The group was in group three in the class with Miss Kraakman. “I’m still in contact with her too,” laughs Ellen. “Every year at Christmas and birthdays we send each other a card. But I have to admit that I am the one trying to keep the club together. I’ve already organized several reunions with the old class and sometimes they can’t and sometimes they can’t. Everyone has their own life now. The last time we were complete is already 10 years back. But in between we see each other in smaller groups.”

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“We always have those reunions at the Keraton Damai restaurant in The Hague. That is the restaurant of our classmate Frans. Then we reminisce about, for example, camp with school, playing Knightrider in the schoolyard or the period when we all went out in, for example, the Temple. Because even after primary school, some of us went to the same school or lived in the same neighborhood.”

Best friend

Ellen even met her best friend in elementary school . “That’s Rick. He was also at my wedding and was there when I had children. He is really like a brother to me. I think it is very special that you have known each other for so long with such a large group of friends. The Hague is in you. The friendships too.”

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