In a tight labor market, salary is increasingly the deciding factor in a new step on the career path. However, companies that work with collective labor agreements cannot simply participate in rising salaries. They should therefore draw more attention to the financial overall picture. So says recruitment consultant Thomas Boerefijn of recruitment organization Robert Walters.

He explains that salary is certainly not the only thing most people look at. There is a group that does and they often did not end up with companies and organizations that are bound by collective labor agreements . According to Boerefijn, another group of professionals “looks more closely at the ambitions and vision of a company and their role in it, as well as at the company culture. It is important for them that this is in line with their own interests, values ​​and development as a professional.”

Salary plays an increasingly important role But at the same time, the labor market is tight, living costs are increasing due to strong inflation and house prices are skyrocketing. This combination means that salary will play an increasingly important role in the choice of a job. And people who want to continue where they work often ask for and receive a salary increase. Collective labor agreements are, however, bound by certain agreements about wages and salaries. In the current field, they are therefore increasingly losing the battle for talented employees.

Yet that battle has not yet been lost, but Boerefijn believes that collective labor agreement organizations should better tell their story about the financial picture. to explain. “Companies and organizations that work with a collective labor agreement often have a good pension scheme with an excellent accrual. In many cases, the premium that employees pay themselves or the employer’s contribution is also favorable. And there are organizations that work with an Individual Choice Budget of sometimes 14 percent of the annual salary, which you will simply receive in salary. . But that is not clear in the job description. So tell us: we have this package with the following components, and the total annual salary comes to the following amount.”

Scaling employees higher According to the recruitment consultant, there are even more ways to make a difference for companies that work according to the collective labor agreement: labor market allowances, a (temporary) allowance on the standard salary of an employee or a higher classification than usual . The battle is currently mainly about junior and medior employees. They will then be able to take fewer steps in the long run, but scaling them up higher now is, in Boerefijn’s opinion, a way of being able to compete at the moment with organizations that are not bound by the collective labor agreement salaries.

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