Published: 11 February 2022Modified: 11 February 2022

Caregivers and volunteers in The Hague can request a gift voucher each year. In 2021 there were 7,748 residents who applied. This is more than twice as many as the year before. The municipality is giving away the gift vouchers to show its appreciation for the important work being done by volunteers and caregivers.

The Hague has thousands of volunteers and 20% of the city’s residents is a caregiver for a parent, child, friend or neighbour. Caregivers can request a credit of € 100 on the website of Pluimen. Volunteers who belong to a volunteer organisation in The Hague can request a credit of € 20.

Easier to applyVolunteers and caregivers can request the thank-you gifts online themselves. The application process was simplified in 2021. And the municipality has tried to point out the gift certificate to people more clearly. And these efforts have paid off.

Are you a volunteer or caregiver? Then you can also apply for a Pluim in 2022. This is the way to apply:

as a volunteer via www.denhaagdoet.nlas a caregiver via Read the entire press release (in Dutch).


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